Three colors – White

26 Feb

Three Colors: White [Trois couleurs: Blanc] is the second movie in a trilogy based on the colours of the French national flag (blue, white and red) and the French national motto “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”.

In White (Equality), Karol Karol (played by Zbigniew Zamachowski) is a Polish man married to Dominique (by Julie Delpy) who is French. Soon after their wedding, they move to Paris but their marriage doesn’t last and Dominique devastates Karol by divorcing him, which ruins his entire world and he becomes destitute and homeless in Paris. He returns to Poland and tries to build a new life for himself as a hairdresser.  He never forgets Dominique and he plots cruel revenge against her. The utter inequality of the outcome of the marriage is eating away at Karol, because he is still obsessed by Dominique. The revenge plan is carried out, but of course it doesn’t quite go as Karol expected ….

This is an entertaining movie – it’s light-hearted but has very dark messages. Karol’s emotions are raw and even though he doesn’t say too much, his intentions are very clear – it’s well done.  Again, like “Blue” the visual aspects of this movie are white and again quite stark. You will notice in this movie that there are visual anchors and links to “Blue”, to create a connection – that’s well done.  It’s my favourite of the trilogy.

Made: 1994.  Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski

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