Three colors – Red

26 Feb

Three Colors: Red [Trois couleurs: Rouge] is the third and final movie in a trilogy based on the colours of the French national flag (blue, white and red) and the French national motto “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”.

In Red (Fraternity), ….Valentine (played by Irene Jacob) is a beautiful young model living in Geneva. She is trying to manage a relationship at a distance and her family is also living far from her.  One day she has a car accident and runs over a dog. When she finds its owner – a retired judge – she is offended by his indifference towards his injured dog, but she can’t help her fascination by him and his unusual life. The judge spends his days spying and eaves-dropping on his neighbours and Valentine doesn’t understand him. During the film, we learn more about the characters’ relationships – Valentine and the judge and the others around them.

This is another slow moving story –  there is not quite enough in this one for me, but I did stick with it until the end.  Again, the visual aspects are red, dark and moody and – like the others (but mostly towards the end) you will notice the visual anchors and links to “Blue” and “White”, to create the full connection in the series and close the loop – that’s appreciated in this one, but it’s my least favourite of the trilogy.

Made: 1994.  Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski

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