20 Feb

Jonathan McQuarry (played by Ewan McGregor) is a mild-mannered accountant who audits the books of big companies in New York. He is a “numbers man” who leads a relatively solitary personal life with few friends and fewer female companions. One day at work he meets a smooth and charming corporate lawyer Wyatt Bose (by Hugh Jackman). He is instantly fascinated by him because he’s so different and they start to hang out together. Wyatt leaves for a London trip and in the last minute scramble to prepare he accidentally exchanges mobile phones with Jonathan. By chance, Jonathan discovers more about Wyatt’s personal life – he is a member of a sex club (The List) where all the members are nameless busy executives, arrangements are made by the women and liaisons are conducted in hotel rooms with no time for dinner, conversation and foreplay. After his initial shock, Jonathan willingly takes part and he meets S, (by Michelle Williams) – who is the same girl he’d seen on the subway some weeks before. After one liaison with S, she goes missing and Jonathan is desperate to find her. He soon realises that the world Wyatt has exposed him to is not quite as it seems and Jonathan is faced with opposing demands on his loyalty, courage and honesty.

I liked this movie. It offers a very intriguing start and the audience immediately wonders about the two key characters Jonathan and Wyatt. Hugh Jackman is excellent as Wyatt – a charming but highly intelligent, deceptive and evil man, and Ewan McGregor’s nerdy loner Jonathan is just delightful. Michelle Willilams plays the sexy mystery woman very well, with just a hint of innocence. The camerawork and cinematography is interesting.  The first two thirds of the movie are dark, moody and create huge mystery and atmosphere, then in the final third – whilst issues and mysteries are still not resolved, the movie comes into the light. Which is appropriate for the ending – although the concluding scenes do not quite live up to the promise of the earlier parts of the story. One of the very nice revelations is that in an early scene we meet a very senior executive member of The List – Charlotte Rampling – and she plays this part to a tee, very well done!

(Made in 2008)  Directed by Marcel Langenegger

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