13 Feb

Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pearce) is an ex-insurance investigator who experienced extreme trauma when he witnessed his wife’s murder. In the home invasion that ended his wife’s life, Leonard has killed one of the attackers. He then devotes his life to finding and killing the second attacker. His wife’s death is the last thing he remembers and due to a head injury he is no longer capable of creating new memories. Throughout his search he writes himself notes and reminders to keep some of the pieces together and give him a starting point each day. He faces a daily challenge to be sure of who he knows, what he knows and who he trusts. There is also a second story … this is told backwards … where in the opening scene he kills his assistant Joe Pantoliano (by Teddy Gammell) because he thinks Jo is the second killer – of course, this is the climax to the second story and each scene, shown in reverse order, reveals more and more about the story and the search. .

This is a cleverly told movie, expertly acted out by Guy Pearce and well supported by the resr of the multiple cast.  It is told in both black/white and colour – the forward sequence in black/white and the reverse in colour – the two scenarios meet at the end of the movie. You need to be alert throughout though just so you can keep track. 

It’s worth seeing. .

(Made: 2000)

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