12 Feb

Johnny Marco (played by Stephen Dorff) is a film star who lives an empty “party” life in LA and attends to his various promotional activities when he’s told to. His is a banal existence – he lives in a hotel, drives a Ferrari and hires call girls to entertain himself when he’s not on the promotional circuit. Occasionally his 11 year old daughter Cleo (by Elle Fanning) is around when it is her regular parental visit with him. He clearly has no idea how to be a dad and just blends her into his regular bachelor life. She, on the other hand, is the responsible and sensible one who manages to get them fed and keep things relatively in order. During one such visit, Johnny’s ex-wife tells him she must go away for a while and she leaves Cleo in his care for an unspecified period, so (because she knows her father is useless) Cleo just blends in with whatever he is up to. We observe the things they do and the relationship between the pair while Cleo is staying with Johnny.

This is Sofia Coppola’s second movie – after “Lost in Translation”.  It would be more appropriately titled “Nowhere” rather than “Somewhere” – because that’s exactly where it takes you. I have learned to give a movie at least 20 minutes before I decide whether it’s worth carrying on.  With this one, however, I stuck it out right to the end because I was convinced something interesting or dramatic would happen to make it worthwhile.  No – I was wrong. Every time it seemed that something interesting was about to happen, it didn’t – the plot line just stopped. I did get the point – the movie clearly shows the pointlessness of celebrity, the emptiness of Johnny’s life and the disappointment they both feel that he is incapable of better fathering. However, there wasn’t really enough in it for me – there are several similarities to “Lost in Translation” so if you liked that, you’ll probably like this too.  Benicio Del Toro appears uncredited in one fleeting scene.

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