The September Issue

08 Feb

The most significant edition of the American fashion magazine “Vogue” is its annual September issue which provides the awaiting fashion world with an overview of the upcoming trends from recent international couture collections and shows. This movie is a documentary about the creation of the 2008 September issue and it features the infamous Anna Wintour, who has been Vogue Editor-in-Chief since 1988. The 2008 September issue was intended to be the biggest ever produced by Vogue America, hence the creation of this movie to document its development.

Anna Wintour is British, her reputation is well known as a hard-line, decisive and straight talking leader. This was apparent in her working style, but I didn’t think it was offensive, scary or inappropriate. The esteem she clearly commands throughout the fashion world is without question – she is a very effective leader who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say so to get it. Curiously, the documentary also reveals another very effective and fascinating woman at Vogue – their Creative Director, Grace Coddington. She is also British, and a former model who is now one of the most talented and famous fashion stylists in the world – with good reason.

You will no doubt note the clear points of similarity between Anna’s real life role and that played by Meryl Streep in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” – in which, it is widely believed, Streep’s character was based on Anna.

This movie (documentary) is great. Although I am by no stretch a fashionista, nor a reader of “Vogue”, I loved watching the creative process and the work that goes into such a significant edition of the magazine. I found Anna Wintour totally fascinating – her sense of style is impeccable, her outfits are faultless and her work is enthralling.  If you like fashion or watching hard word create something great, give this movie a go!

(Made: 2009)

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