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We meet Hanna (played by Saoirse Ronan), who is around 14 years old, in a winter forest where she has just hunted, killed and gutted a reindeer – presumably for her own dinner. She is obviously a highly skilled bushwoman, hunter and survivor.  She has been raised in this environment by her father Erik (by Eric Bana) who has basically kept her isolated from the outside world since she was a 2 year old. He has educated her with information (from encycopaedia) and she has obviously been taught to fight and survive. She is knowledgeable, but immature and inexperienced. She lets her father know she’s ready to explore more of the world and he allows her to do that. Then we learn that Erik is a CIA agent in hiding, on the run from his former CIA co-agent, the warped Marissa (by Cate Blanchett) – who is keen to find Erik, since an incident in their past. Once Hanna makes their whereabouts known, it is only a matter of hours before “they” come looking for them and here is where the story unfolds further. Erik and Hanna go separate ways and the plot develops into a chase across Europe and North Africa with a lot of action scenes, high drama and a very interesting conclusion.

The story also involves naive Hanna’s gradual introduction to the ways of the world – this is delightful and entertaining to watch, particularly when she meets up with a travelling English family and makes friends with their daughter Sophie (by Jessica Barden) when a contracted sssassin (by Tom Hollander) begins to catch up with her.

This movie got me “in” during the first scene and kept me there until the end. It’s a sort of “Bond – but much better” type of movie. I had very little idea of what it was about before I saw it and I’m glad that was the case. I really enjoyed how the story played out – which would have been spoilt had I already known much of the plot.

There were some places where I felt the drama starting to wane, but almost instantly another component in the story would emerge which kept my interest up.  It was very well made in that regard and the action scenes are just the right duration.  I was glad that I didn’t know the whole story before I watched it.  I decided I’d “stick with it” if there were parts that seemed implausible to me (e.g. the answer to why Hanna behaves almost like a robot is interesting – more than just because she’s been isolated in the forest for so long).

Give it a go – it’s a good one.

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One response to “Hanna

  1. JustMeMike

    January 30, 2012 at 12:34 am

    Hanna hasn’t had to interact with anyone except her father, and her isolation in the forest are likely causes of her lack of social skills (which you mention). I didn’t pick up on the ‘robotic’ angle in my review but your question still resonates. I don’t have an answer.

    Thanks for the good read.



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