The Town

26 Jan

The “Town” is Charlestown – a working-class suburb of Boston. It has produced more bank and armoured-car robbers than any other part of the US. Doug MacRay (played by Ben Affleck) is one of them; he leads a notorious gang of four including his long time friend Jem (by Jeremy Renner). During a bank robbery they kidnap the young manager, Claire Keesey (by Rebecca Hall), then release her without harming her – although they have taken her driver’s licence. Jem wants to make sure he knows if she goes to the FBI so Doug follows her and when they meet he realises she doesn’t know who he is. At the same time, an FBI team led by Frawley (by Jon Hamm) is hot on the gang’s trail. Claire and Doug begin a relationship at the same time that Doug’s gang is continuing to rob banks and the FBI edges closer to catching them. The movie focuses on the gang, their robberies and the relationship between Doug and Claire with the unstable Jem always providing some surprise elements. Other influences on Doug, Jem and Claire come from family and the police – to create a very interesting dynamic and good story. There is a great supporting performance from Pete Postlethwaite as Fergie, the florist who is actually the mastermind behind the robberies and is a major influence on Doug’s life.

Well done Ben Affleck. This movie is really good, very nicely made, well paced and he is obviously a talented director. His own performance, plus those of Rebecca Hall and Jeremy Renner are stand-outs.

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One response to “The Town

  1. JustMeMike

    January 30, 2012 at 12:36 am

    I loved this film too. Thanks for the great review.



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