The Adjustment Bureau

22 Jan

David Norris (played by Matt Damon) is a young up-coming politician who has just missed out on winning a senate seat, when on Election Night he encounters a beautiful and intriguing young woman, Elise (by Emily Blunt). She totally enchants him but he doesn’t get any contact details for her and she disappears as quickly as she arrived. Some weeks later, he meets her again by chance  – they are still attracted to each other, but just as they are about to get together, strange forces intervene to prevent their relationship. This is the work of the men from the Adjustment Bureau. Their job is to make sure everyone’s life goes according to “The Plan” and their plan for David doesn’t include Elise. Of course, David is not happy with this and does everything he can to find Elise and foil the objective of the Adjustment Bureau. 

This is a sweet love story with a twist. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt make a lovely couple, As a great aside, her dance scenes are fabulous. There is also a lovely cameo from Terence Stamp. I usually have no patience for science fiction but I heard that this movie was worth seeing so I told myself just to give it a go. I was fine – the sci-fi here is gentle and easy to go with. There are visual effects that depict the “travel” between real life and the Bureau, but that’s not overdone at all.

Don’t take it too seriously and give yourself permission just to enjoy the escapism!

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