Nowhere Boy

11 Jan

John Lennon’s life up to the early days of the Quarrymen (pre-cursor band to The Beatles) is told in this movie. We meet teenage John Lennon (played by Aaron Johnson), who is living in suburban Liverpool in the early 1960’s with his Aunty Mimi (by Kristin Scott Thomas) and Uncle George (by David Threlfall). Aunty Mimi is a caring, but strict guardian who took resoponsibility for raising John when his biological mother Julia (by Anne Marie Duff) abandoned him. John is shown to be fond of Mimi and his Uncle George, so it appears the childhood he spent with them was relatively stable. In the movie, Julia re-appears and forms a new relationship with her son. The dynamics and influence of each of these women and their relationships with John Lennon is the focus of this story, along with the connection John is developing with young Paul McCartney.

You won’t see a biopic of the Beatles, or a nostalgic look at the sixties, but the characters in this movie are all wonderfully portrayed, the drama and emotion is real and the performances are excellent.

(Made in 2009)

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