The Soloist

08 Jan

Steve Lopez is a journalist who wrote a series of columns in the Los Angeles Times and then a book about an intriguing time in his life, which has now been developed into the movie “The Soloist”.

Lopez (played by Robert Downey Jnr) happens across a busker in a busy city street. The busker, playing a violin, gets Steve’s attention because he has an obvious talent, The busker is Nathanial Ayres (by Jamie Foxx), who is a gifted and classically trained musician. He is destitute, virtually homeless and suffering from a mental illness – which caused him to drop out of his classical music education at the well known Juilliard School of Music due his inability to perform in public.

The movie chronicles Steve Lopez’ series of encounters with Nathanial – it is a compelling and sometimes frustrating story – Jamie Foxx is stunning as Nathanial Ayres and it is a pleasure to finally see Robert Downey Jnr in a decent role – he performs very well.

Although probably too long, the story is true, fascinating and very much worth the effort.  (Movie made in 2009).

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