Love Crime

05 Jan

“Love Crime” (Crime D’Amour) involves the relationship between two corporate executives – the senior Christine (played by Kristin Scott-Thomas) and the junior Isabelle (by Ludivine Dagnier). At first, we see that Christine and Isabelle have a strong attraction – in the opening scene Christine initiates a seduction of Isabelle, but they are interrupted by Christine’s occasional bed-partner Phillipe (by Patrick Mille).

As the movie unfolds, Isabelle is a totally capable, intelligent and professional executive who supports Christine (her CEO) in every high flying business deal. Christine is a cold, calculating success story who is ambitious and always looking for her next, higher move. In parallel to this, Isabelle’s passion for Christine develops further. 

They work well together in these job roles, but this dynamic changes when Isabelle is sent to Cairo in place of Christine to close a business deal . Philippe is on the same trip and Isabelle ends up sleeping with him. Meanwhile, Christine is back in Paris busy with her own romantic liaison. The Cairo deal goes very well and soon after this, Isabelle starts to have her own success with their clients. 

Christine is not happy and demonstrates this by using her higher business status to professionally humiliate Isabelle.  As a result, the two women embark on a tit-for-tat business war. This reaches a climax when Christine is murdered by Isabelle, but then the movie starts to lose its way. Isabelle’s motivation and rationale during the murder investigation is not clear and the audience left wondering what’s going on. You kind of wish it would end, but because you don’t understand what’s going on you need to stick with it until the end! 

By the film’s conclusion, all the loose ends in the story are tied up, but what started out so well does end rather lacking substance.

By the way … I haven’t spoiled the movie by telling you that Isabelle commits the murder – this is clear from the moment it happens. The thriller part of the movie unfolds at this point as we see how Isabelle has developed and carried out an intricate and devious plan.

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