25 Dec

Dr Catherine Stewart (Julianne Moore) is a successful professional who suspects her handsome husband, David (played by Liam Neeson),  is being unfaithful. In an effort to find out, she hires “Chloe” (played by Amanda Seyfried) a beautiful and enigmatic prostitute to try to seduce her husband to see if he will be tempted into an affair. Chloe reports to Catherine of several liaisons with David and the mental images provoke both confusion and fascination in Catherine. The story unfolds as Catherine’s suspicions and her distrust of David escalate into total hysteria and both her professional and personal life starts to become chaotic and unravel before her. Although Catherine tries to stop what she started, Chloe starts to play a more significant role in her life.

For me, there is something missing in this movie – the story is complete, but the mystery and suspense is not well developed and the characters are a little shallow. I don’t usually try to guess where a movie is going, but I knew where this was headed long before the story actually unfolded. It’s okay, but I’ve seen both Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson in far better. It is relatively short by today’s standards too, just over 90 minutes.

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