Sarah’s Key

09 Dec

In “Sarah’s Key”, Julia (played by Kristin Scott Thomas) is an American woman living in modern day Paris and married to a Frenchman. She is an investigative journalist – through her work she develops an interest in wartime France, particularly Paris. She uncovers a dramatic story and becomes obsessed with a Jewish girl (Sarah) who in 1942, at 10 years old, was rounded up with her parents and thousands of others (by French police) to be sent to concentration camps. To keep her brother safe while the police search their home, Sarah locks him in a secret cupboard in their home – so he is left there when they are taken. Julia discovers that it is the same apartment that her husband is now renovating.

This is an exploration of these two stories in parallel … Sarah’s anguish at the welfare of her brother … with Julia’s modern-day obsession with whatever became of the wartime family.

This movie is a good drama. The holocaust scenes are not overdone and the characters are all real and believable. The movie is partially in English and partially in French (with subtitles). The story twists and you are taken with the emotions of each scene – it works well. I liked this movie – it supports my huge admiration for Kristen’s work.

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