23 Nov

Before I saw this movie I knew nothing about US major league baseball. This is a true story – Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, an ex-ball player who now manages the Oakland Athletics baseball team. It’s 2001 and Billy is trying to compete with the huge budgets of other much larger more high profile teams (like the Boston Red Sox), when his budget is only a third of theirs. They almost reach the Grand Final, but fail at the last hurdle.  In the new sports year, he recruits a crack young analyst, Peter Brand (played by Jonah Hill) and together they slowly build a competitive team, with resistance from even within his own club at every turn. The football manager (coach) is not a supporter and is very well portrayed (by Philip Seymour Hoffman). The result of Beane’s work with Hill is told in this drama.  I loved this movie – those with knowledge of the actual situation will get much more out if it, no doubt. It’s very good – even if you are not a sports or baseball nut, you will get something from the story I’m sure.  Brad Pitt is very good – there’s something distinctly “Redford-ish” about him in this. It got me in quickly and although it is long (133 mins) it kept me engaged, no time is wasted. Well done.

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