22 Nov

“Snowtown” is based on the true story of the serial killings that occurred in Adelaide and Snowtown in South Australia in recent years. A naive and bored local youth Jamie Vlassakis (played by Lucas Pittaway) comes under the spell and influence of his mother’s partner – notorious serial killer John Bunting (played by Daniel Henshall). Set in a grey, hopeless and bleak Adelaide, Jamie’s family and neighbours gather regularly to “whinge” about local people they see as perverts in their midst. John Bunting leads the discussions and takes on a vigilante role to rid the area of these people – most of whom are receiving a disability pension or outcasts from the community in some way. One by one John (along with one or two friends) violently murders each person and the movie is chilling in its depiction of this cruelty and violence. Jamie is totally unprepared for these acts, he is terrified which renders him incapable of escaping the brutality and horror. The violence is framed by the banal backdrop of “normal family life” where John insists on cooking dinner for the family, sitting down to a meal and discussing the day’s normal activities – but there is always a sense of utter terror lurking just below the surface.  Totally jaw-dropping.

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