My Afternoons with Margueritte

22 Nov

Germain (played by Gerard Depardieu) is a giant man, but he is illiterate, has suffered humiliation all through school and constant teasing by his mother. As a result, he prefers to spend his time in the market garden at the front of his mother’s house or with the pigeons at the local park. When in the park one day, he meets 95 year old Margueritte (by Gisele Casadesus), a delicate and sweet woman who likes to read when she visits the park. She begins to read to Germain, his education begins to broaden and he develops a love of literature and thirst for more knowledge. His girlfriend Annette (by Sophie Guillemin) is supportive of his struggle with literacy but he is wary of making a commitment to her – and he regularly meets his friends ast a local cafe, but they don’t understand the unusual friendship he develops or the change in him.

This is a very nice movie – a love story, but not a romance.The french lifestyle tantalises me once again in this beautifully and gently told story. It is very nicely made and relatively short by today’s standards (90 mins). Take some time out and enjoy some French life for a while.

Made in 2011. Directed by Jean Becker

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